Carl de Marcken

Work: Recently I have been developing Frost, a toolkit for monitoring and measuring application behavior "in the wild", whether running in a data center, on desktops or in mobile devices. Frost is an ambitious effort to apply modern statistics to software development and computer operations, and to do away forever with log files, statistical profilers, system monitors and the ubiquitous print statement. Inquiries regarding Frost should be sent to ; it is being deployed commercially.
Between 1996 and 2007, I was Chief Scientist and co-founder of ITA Software, a company that provides search and optimization software and services to the travel industry, as well as core transaction, storage and distribution services for airlines and travel agents. ITA's programs lie behind the web sites and operations centers of major airlines and travel agencies. If you are here hoping to find published papers or lecture notes for the Computational Complexity of Air Travel Planning talk I've given at various universities, an annotated version that does not include discussion of algorithms can be found here in PDF form and here as ordinary web pages.
Personal: I live with my wife Marina and daughter Nina in Seattle, where Marina teaches Computer Science and Statistics at the University of Washington. Friends can get in touch by sending mail to

de Marckens
2159 E. Shelby St.
Seattle, WA 98112
Academic: Prior to starting ITA Software I was a student in Computer Science at MIT, where my research focussed on natural language processing, human language acquisition, and machine learning. Both my undergraduate and PhD theses won best dissertation awards. Here are links to natural language processing papers that are frequently requested:

Unsupervised Language Acquisition, PhD thesis, 1996 postscript pdf
Linguistic Structure as Composition and Perturbation, ACL 1996 postscript pdf
On the Unsupervised Induction of Phrase Structure Grammars, SIGDAT 1995 postscript pdf
Parsing the LOB Corpus, ACL 1990 postscript pdf